Translunar Exports and Servicing

Translunar strives for the development of a centralized spacecraft network that can deploy servicing satellites for the maintenance and upkeep of commercial and government space infrastructure. Translunar promotes development through our suite of cutting edge software and sensors designed for high accuracy relative navigation.

Facilitating Independent Operation of Spacecraft

Translunar's proprietary software and sensors build on the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision, Advanced Optical Navigation, and High Fidelity Dynamic Models; providing mission operators with on-board mission assurance.

Relative Navigation and Tracking

Always know the location of your target satellite, voluntarily or not

Pose Estimation

Autonomously determine the relative position and orientation of your intended spacecraft

Spacecraft Inspection

No matter the space-fairing object, be equipped to perform on-board inspection or feature mapping

Docking Automation

From kilometers away to the final meter, have dependable in-space command and control

Proximity Operations

Advanced GNC and coordination, critical for the safety and success of space missions

Formation Flying

Save costs on constellations with precise chief/chaser measurements


Autonomous Computer vision Embedded Camera (ACECam), a multifunctional satellite subsystem and a powerful solution to the rising need for proximity operations, on both prepared and non-prepared customers, and the management of constellation satellites.

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The Ultimate Solution to Relative Navigation

ACECam is a stand alone assortment of visible camera sensors and processors loaded with customizable computer vision models to provide relative state measurements.

ACECam is designed to fit within a 1U volume, compact enough to fit on cubesats, and features traditional fasteners and connectors, allowing for absolute modularity and the ability to “plug and play” with any small satellite system.

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Optimized Solutions For Any Domain

Whether your mission objectives lie in LEO, GEO, Cislunar Space, or even beyond, ACECam offers proven solutions for any domain of space.

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Real Time Estimates

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, ACECam can detect and track targets in real-time, delivering full pose information.

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